Tuesday 10 August 2021

Online Classes and Covid-19

 Online Classes 

We think this online class and learning concept  in 2013-2014, i always think that if any student is in remote location and not able to join the company physically due to financial problem or any-other problem then , then how those student will get good training and get the job, but this covid-19 give lots of bad things but some good things to all of us, now we care about our family members more and have opportunity to work from home and get more time to spend with our family members.

the greatest opportunity to work and learn from HOME.

I didn't get much time to invest in StudyDunes to complete this project fully so that its useful to Students, but some of the features are very useful for students.

Like - QUIZ 

student can test their skill knowledge to attend the quiz and continuously attend these quiz to improve and test their skills.

Check - > Online Classes and Online Training 

Will try to make this more useful 

This is my humber request to parents that, after completion of online class, take Mobile from child, Mobiles are harmful for small kids.

Used technologies and gadgets wisely. 

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Industrial Training

Industrial Training of Computer Science student is the biggest problem, most of the time student take admission in training institute those are giving fake promises with them.

 Most of the training institutes don't have good tutors who can guide the student properly, they teach very old technologies that are not used in current time if the given training on some good subject but they are not able to give idea to implement good project's.

Most of the time these training institutes give those projects code that they already have and give documentation also, they open these institutes just to earn money.
I also face this problem in my industrial training time.

So i decide that i need to do something that can solve this problem so, I decided to develop some platform where we will give training online and gather INDUSTRY SPECIALIZES PEOPLE to help the STUDENT, in that case, students will be aware of the latest technology trends and guided by the people who already working in a reputed company.

when we are students, the most important thing which is needed is GUIDANCE, it will help the student to make the proper future path.

I already started this platform and it's in the Alpha phase but it's usable and students are taking help from this.
check this link
join http://studydunes.com and then join projects
after joining of the project you can choose mentor from available list of Professional people

Best of Luck to all student :)

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Education System

IT's surprise that small child are carry a heavy bag water bottle :) its look like a small commando,parent need to give donation and heavy fees to school for admission and study.
I never understand that,why this small kids need to learn subject's,lot of time i heard sonu(kids name ) learn maths and do homework of science I THOUGH, NOW SOON WE WILL GET NEW Albert Einstein's,IF this small kid is able to understand the science in that age then soon all worlds have more scientist from specially from India.
People will always ask BETA app badai Hoker keya Banogai,small kids chai vala :),again beta Kyon,kyon ki Modi ji bhee chai baich kar prime minister ban gaya :)
Never understand that why these people asking these silly question ?,i also face same question in my child hood.
we can't change the people but we can change the pattern of education so that it cant be a heavy bag for small kids and not tension of adult child.
"Jab bachai thai tab bada hona chatai thai or Badai huai tho bacha Banna chatai hai"
its just because we follow the pattern,study hard get good marks and study in IIT or IIM so that we can get good job,"good job means respect in family and will get beautiful wife :)" 
but some people are good in particular subject like some one is good in mathematics but not good in chemistry,"mai apni he bath kar raha hu :)" ,so they cant qualify the IIT and if some one is not good in English then,cant qualify with IIM(CAT).Is this justifiable, I think NOO.
if we are good at one subject or any thing then we need to learn that only,why i should learn other subject.
But school system :):):)
Now time to revolve our education system and give opportunity and platform to people where they can do better.
we are trying to build a platform where any one can learn any things no degree no school certificate needed just learn what you want and do your best.
I am in software field then i started the initiative with technology subject's but soon we will introduce more and more interested subject here.
check studydunes.com.
We have introduce Class Room and Training to student,any one can join who want to learn and want working exposer in technology.
to Run this application we need funds,so we put some advertisement in site,but this is fully free to Student :)

Thursday 23 March 2017

Step to contribute in Society with effort to put in E-Learning


Present time is revaluation in every field,E-commerce,e-Learning,E-Governance etc.

We think we also need to contribute from our side as per our strength,so after long time bream storming,we decided that we will contribute in E-Learning and we started to plan some thing that will help in E-Learning so we check lot of site and we observer that lot of people already do very good work in E-Learning,so what we will do and think if we will do same thing, that will help to our society ?
So we decided that we will leave this and will start our contribution in some other field,that help genuinely to our society.
We join lot of e-Learning site and participate fully with these site and we WONDER that these sites not genuinely helping people and solving their problem,they have some good Study Material but that is not well ORGANIZE.


When i was a child we always do mistake that i write my notes first in my ROUGH copy then i try to copy in my MAIN NOTES book so that i can read this main notes book properly,i try to learn more then one book and take every important point from books and note down that in rough copy and then arrange that properly in MAIN NOTES book,but i follow this pattern for very few subject which i like most,i always score good mark in these subject because these NOTES help me lot.

So i apply this same concept in www.studydunes.com,and following same pattern,but here i am not the only TUTOR who will create these NOTES,all TEACHER,TUTOR,PROFESSIONAL AND STUDENT also contribute their thought.

If i create good notes in my child hood and scored good marks

THINK if lot of people will contribute their thought for making Good Notes then what will be the out as NOTES, it will be wonderful.

I THINK and start this application from our side its free but if any tutor wants to earn the money from giving tuition then i don't have any problem.

We are giving Option to create classroom,any TUTOR,TEACHER PROFESSIONAL AND STUDENT want to share their knowledge as free or as Paid they are welcome here.

Classroom can we free or Paid,or Tutor can make some option like if any person want live online training like video conference then they can pay,and they can ask question free of cost like that

Classes For :-
Location :-

By :-

Classes For :-
Location :-

By :-

Classes For :-
Location :-
By :-

Classes For :-
Location :-
By :-

Check Classroom for cakephp

Online Training
In our Professional Institute we learn THEORETICAL THING's more we have very less exposure in practical,so we start online training where student can join project and start learn practical things from very experience PROFESSIONAL'S it will help them to shape their future and build strong logical concept.
Online Training will help people to contact directly to professional's we are planing to arrange Seminar on weekends so that trainee can ask their doubt directly from the mentor of that project's

please check this link for project

Project detail displayed in studydunes.com portal  
Project Title: 
Business Portal

Local business person can open their online shop and put their product to show to onlline user
Business owner can add product with product detail and can upload product image

1. Programming Languages PHP.
2. Frame Work CakePhp,MVC.
3. Web Servers Apache Tomcat 2.x
4. Database (RDBMS) MySQL 5.x
5. Software Architecture Model View Controller (MVC)
6. Software Development Methodology Agile Methodology
7. Design Tools Adobe Photoshop
8. IDE IntelliJ IDEA.
9. Mark-up and Scripting Technologies HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, XSL, Java Script, AJAX,,JQuery
10. Operating Systems Windows XP / VISTA, Linux, Unix

Project link :- www.mybuy4u.co.in

We start our Journey NOW,planing to do some good things so  that people can take the benefit for this effort.

Will keep posting on this blog and will share more and more  knowledge.

Thanks for reading and giving time for our efforts 

Online Classes and Covid-19

 Online Classes  We think this online class and learning concept  in 2013-2014, i always think that if any student is in remote location and...